Always good to see a crowd on course and the Italian Day – Roma Cup is always one of the more interesting days on the racing calendar.

The Italians and Irish are great supporters of their ‘day’ and Perth Racing needs more such ethnic groups to go racing.

However, there were a few grumbles from members who complained the train at the ‘train station,’ giving rides to children, obscured their view of  the 2100m start and also as the next day field came around the home turn of each race.

I did not hear of anyone saying that there should not be entertainment for the kids just that it was in the wrong position and should have been moved further back from the track.

In fact the train was doing a roaring trade and Westrail would have been envious of Perth Racing’s ability for getting bums on seats – albeit it tiny ones!

This writer remembers being confined to the Leger as a child- when children were thought to be better out of sight and out of mind –so thank goodness there is a more attractive policy in place to attract families to the course.

Nevertheless regular patrons have a point with their protest.

Both can surely be accommodated and hopefully, next time, the view of patrons in the stand will not be obscured.

Maybe a new position of Fat Controller can be created by PR to ensure that Thomas, Henry and James et al keep steaming while preventing some of our members from bursting their boiler plates and being derailed!