It is against the law for anyone, including racehorse trainers to advertise the sale of shares in a racehorse to the general public without being licensed with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and to be approved by Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) to act as a racehorse syndicator. To be licensed, the Syndicator must obtain a police clearance and undergo a stringent “proper person” ASIC review and have the proper knowledge of the Industry to be granted an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFS). This also includes putting in place a substantial security bond with ASIC. These measures are to ensure the public have peace of mind when investing in a racing partnership. Therefore, whether you end up buying a share in one of our partnerships or not, if you eventually “have a go”, you should confirm with the Syndicator (even racehorse trainers) that they have an AFS Licence to market horses to the public.
We invite you to call Bruce Saxild direct to enquire about one of our partnerships and/or to ask a general question. Even if you are only half interested and would like more information please feel free to call or e-mail. If you do, you have our word that we will not follow you up hassling you to buy a share. We believe if you want to race a horse with OZ Racing you will come back to us.
We race our horses in partnerships of five to ten shareholders. As a partner in the horse you are the beneficial owner of horse and share in the rewards of being an owner. Your name is listed in the race book and newspaper when your horse races. We believe this is an important point rather than the horse racing under a syndicate name. OZ Racing always buys a share in each horse we syndicate. So when you see OZ Racing Pty Ltd listed in the race book and newspaper along with nine other names it means we race that horse as a partnership of ten owners.
Our partnerships are about racing metropolitan class thoroughbreds for the FUN of racing an equine athlete. They are about the sheer ENJOYMENT and EXCITEMENT of being a part of the SPORT OF KINGS. We are not in the business of giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling about owning a racehorse. We will tell you as it is – good or bad. We are not into hype – we want the deeds of our horses to do the talking. Our trainers have been told to be blunt and lets us know if a horse is not going to make it. The last thing we want is for our owners paying up for a horse that is not going to be capable of earning prize money.
We acknowledge that many of our owners enjoy a bet. For this reason our pre race reports are only available to the partners that race the particular horse. We provide clear and concise information on the horse’s chances in the race to enable our owners to make informed decisions.
Our policy is to leave this very important aspect to the experts. The majority of our horses are selected by our trainers. We also use the services of leading bloodstock agents throughout Australia. There are no hidden costs. The price per share advertised is inclusive of purchase cost, commission, veterinarian examination, valuation, partnership formation costs, floating, agistment and holding costs to date of sale.
We fix the monthly fee at a budget amount to cover all expenses relating to the training and up keep of the horse. The monthly cost is inclusive of management, breaking in, stabling, training, racing, floating, spelling, agistment, renewal of insurance, veterinary services, gear, colours and all other costs associated with the partnership. From the monthly fee OZ Racing pays all expenses at the actual cost (no mark up) on behalf of the partnership, with any surplus funds remaining the property of the partnership to be carried forward. We provide monthly itemised accounts detailing line by line each expense incurred for that horse. The monthly cost can vary depending on where the horse is trained (ie Sydney, Perth or Singapore) and whether the horse is in full work or in the paddock. Consult the PDS for the individual horse for more accurate details.
Bruce Saxild of OZ Racing will be the manager of the partnership and will be responsible for day to day management of the horse. This will include liaising with the trainer, preparation of the monthly accounts and contact with partnership members. Naturally, all major decisions regarding the horse would be put to a majority vote of the partners.
The racing body in your state will automatically deduct the trainer’s fee (10%) and jockey’s fee (5%) from the gross prize money. Depending on the partnership, the remaining 85% will be forwarded to OZ Racing on behalf of the partnership or paid directly into your accounts. OZ Racing does not take a success fee from the prize money.
From time to time we arrange visits to the trainer’s stable to give partners and their family the opportunity to see the horse up close. Private stable visits can also be arranged, but must be booked through the Manager. At our group visits, the trainer will be on hand to answer any questions on how the horse is going and give you an insight into the training and day-to-day care of a Thoroughbred.
Our horses race in the distinctive OZ Racing colours of gold with purple stars. The colours definitely stand out ensuring you know exactly where your horse is in running!