For our new followers – we hold a commercial syndicator’s licence, but we do not make any money out of syndicating horses – we do it to race horses with people who love racing for the pure excitement of being involved in this wonderful sport.

If we syndicate 100% of a horse, we charge 5% of the purchase price to cover the costs of having a commercial licence and carrying the cost of purchasing the yearling.

We also offer micro syndicates to OZ Racing partners where we buy a position in a horse offered by trainers around the World – these micro syndicates have been very successful.

OZ Racing is not in this to make money out of our syndicate partners.

When we select a horse, we always call on the assistance of industry professionals (trainers, bloodstock agent and veterinarians).

Good luck to you all – happy punting and if you are a racehorse owner. We wish you success!